For Sale By Owner: Step by Step

Closing the deal

If everything is taken care of during the entire process, the closing should occur about 30-45 days after the sales agreement contract is signed by both parties. A meeting at the closing attorneys office to sign the deed and closing statement is done the day of closing. Both Buyer and Seller will usually be present for this meeting. Let’s hope things went well during negotiations!

North Carolina Forms FSBO Home Sellers May Need:

(Disclaimer: is not responsible for the accuracy of the forms linked below. Always consult a legal professional before using any form when buying or selling real estate.) Contact me anytime if you need any of these forms.

  • NC Offer to Purchase & Contract 

  • NC Mineral and Oil and Gas Rights Disclosure 

  • State of North Carolina Residential Property and Owner’s Association Disclosure Statement 

  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure (Req’d for homes built prior to 1978) 

Q & A’s on Offer and Acceptance in NC: